Depression, Anxiety and Universal Credit

Image of a street in the UK with the words Depression, Anxiety and Universal Credit

Let’s talk about Universal Credit

Universal Credit is going to be affecting more people across the UK. This episode is just one story told by a brave young lady with two young children. Mrs X has been told she will be going to Universal Credit and would not receive any money for 6 weeks. The only money coming into the house was £30 from the government for her children. Could you feed, clothe and keep your children warm over the winter with that amount of money?

Depression and anxiety

For the last 11 years, Mrs X has been suffering from depression and was kind enough to share her story with Honest Questions. Depression affects approximately 25% of people across the UK and can be life-changing. Mrs X also suffers from anxiety attacks and some days struggles to even get out of bed on a morning. Unfortunately, depression can seem like a bottomless hole and can be very hard to climb out of. Mrs X was willing to go along with everything they said for an easy life. One of Mrs X’s main concerns was going even longer without money to look after her family.

Taking our advice

During the interview, the hosts of Honest Questions advised Mrs X to go seek advice from her GP. After speaking with the GP he wrote a sick note to cover her until this was all sorted out. Honest Questions will keep you updated, if you would like to send any messages to Mrs X we would be happy to pass them on or leave a comment below.

Episode four


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Miss our last episode?

Catch up on our last episode, we were talking about an amazing event in Leeds City Centre. Honest Questions will be at the festival interviewing people. Why not come along?

Summat 2019 in Leeds


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