Interview With a Crack Cocaine and Heroin Addict

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Episode two

Welcome to Honest Questions episode two! This episode we will be talking to Garry, he is 51 years old and is a heroin and crack cocaine addict from Leeds. With the loss of his father at 15, his whole life changed. Being on the drugs for the last 17 years his health is in serious decline. Not only being a drug addict, but Garry also has a number of medical conditions. This interview gave us a unique insight into Garry’s life. Having once before been in the government drug treatment programs he wants to get off the drugs without support. There is a great website for anyone who would like support for drugs. I will leave a website link below where you can get support in your area.

Drug support in your area: Talktofrank

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This interview was a very interesting insight into Garry’s life. We will keep on checking in with Garry and keep posting updates on how he is getting on. It’s a shame he was unwilling to seek treatment as he has some very serious health conditions. We have offered to help him if he ever changes his mind by offering transport to and from appointments. If you would like to send any messages or want to know how he’s doing please feel free to get in touch.

Hope you enjoyed this episode and we will catch you next time.

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