Talking about the homeless and spice the drug

Image of a homeless man with a sad face over the top

 Helping the homeless brainstorming session

Hello and welcome to Honest Questions. Today’s episode we are having a chat about ways we could help out the homeless. Every so often Honest Questions will be putting out episode discussing ideas and trying to help out people from all walks of life. First of all, we wanted to know how much a homeless person can get from begging in the streets. Honest Questions decided to do a little trial experiment to see what kind of reaction we got.

Being homeless for a day

Dressing as a homeless man was the easy part, trying to hide a camera on me was tricky. Unfortunately, we do not have the budget to buy the state of the art hidden camera so we had to make do with what we had. Our plan was to spend an hour with just a sat with a cup on the floor. For the second hour, created a sign saying “I’ve been made redundant and I’ve lost my home, please help.” Being dressed as a homeless man was very eye-opening, people were giving me a very wide berth and tried not to make eye contact. Honest Questions cannot wait to run this experiment for real, this will help people see first hand the life of a homeless person.

Saving someone’s life

While out on the experiment, a gentleman that had been taking spice had collapsed. The gentleman fell off the bench and hit his head on the floor. Only one person out of at least 100 people stopped to see if the man was ok and phoned an ambulance. Whilst on the phone, another gentleman stopped and help put him in the recovery position. Although the gentlemen was breathing, there was no response from him. Luckily another gentleman stopped who was medically trained. We will add a short video of some of the footage taken.

Did making spice illegal make matters worse?

Spice is a very nasty drug people are taking all across the UK. It was banned a few years ago, since then the problem seems to have got much worse. Making the drug illegal has made drug dealers richer and is making a very dangerous situation even more of a problem. Drug dealers are adding random chemicals to the drug which is hurting mainly the vulnerable people in our society.

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